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Merry Sparkles!

So as it turns out, Christmas is over, and my silly enthusiasm must now be kept under wraps for another eleven months. What a shame, I freaking LOVE my family, and therefore have a big ol' soft spot for the festive season. Plus, it's the only festival that gets done properly in my life... We usually have a low-key midwinter shin dig as well, but nothing compares to the sunshine family and friends happy time.
I did it properly this year too ^_^ Made lemon curd for my family people to give along with thoughtful(!) gifts! So much happiness, I'm going to hold on this joyness until next year's sillies. hurrah!

I made my hair goodness again. I feel like me with silly magenta hair, I wish there was a way I could convince my body to just grow it that way in the first place, perhaps that's what I'll do with my degree thingamy!

We're rocking into 2012...  may it hold everything you've ever wanted xxx
Dear Diary,

I would like please to remember my life in 5 years, here goes, another attempt at journalising:
I don't never ever want to think that my life was boring, sometimes I get all routine, routine, monochrome, and then I realise that I have memories that are pure GOLD...

<3 I've finished uni for the year; according to myQual I've completed 93% of my BSc, I did quite poorly last semester but luckily it's all papers that don't really matter that much regarding... well... my future. Awesome. I'm stoked that I only have a year left. I never figured myself to be a rebel, but it would seem that the system really doesn't agree with me. My version of fuck the system involves giving it to em soft and sweet and just what asks for.

<3 Cosmic is totally Cosmic, y'all.  We opened this plush "Amsterdam Coffeeshop" about 4 months ago now. Making coffee again is loverly! ("Hey, thanks, this is the best coffee evar" Ego strokin'). Anyways, it's fun, I've finally chilled the hell out about my job being too easy. It's allll gooood.

<3 Wisconsin is Wisconsin, no shit.  5th summer of meatflip pirate ship. I feel stuck in a loop at that place, going nowhere, going nowhere, but it's all good, cus I'm stuck being 18 too. And the people...

<3 Bro I fucking love botany, I'm such a dork. I was pretending to myself for ages that I was going to make a youtube series over summer. Gen vs. Science. Alas, to time.

<3 Chey, Ione and I went on an epic road trip to Auckland to see Portishead. HellsYes!

<3 And, the most exciting,
Beats Galore; a night of DJ friends being nice at ESPRESSOHOLIC. Until 6AM.
I couldn't be more stoked, my favourite venue/place is hosting a GIG. That my boy is ORGANISING.

Peace, Gengenxxx
 Let's brighten shit up around here.
Livejournal is way cooler then facebook. Face it.
I never got the hang of twitter, mostly because I don't usually care what other people think about what I think at some random point in time.

We saw Sophie last night! And Kelly and Jen. Life is good!
Is it possible to get glandular fever more than once?

I'm dying, or something similar.

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